Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Not all disco moments happen on the dancefloor

UT RTF AI (PYT!) Kristen Warner has risen up to almost every grad school challenge with vim and grace. But the one that continually eludes her is Mac use.

She made her Mac hatred known a few months back by trying to get me to watch one of those smarmy Youtube harangues "exposing" the difficulties of Macs. It immediately became clear that she bought into this party line when she demanded "How do you get onto the internet with a Mac?" ("Um, click on it."). But I tend to get bursted blood vessels when I argue for the intuitiveness of Macs over the gearhead time wasting of PCs. So I let the matter slide.

Wehehehehehehehehl. Welly welly welly. Wellity wellity wellity. Last week, in our shared office, Kristen was surfing the internet on our Mac (clicking works!) and then turned to me, head shaking back and forth all sassy-like, and said "Ok, so how do you save pictures from the internet? There's no right click button on the mouse."

Ooooooweeedoggies! My entire body felt like a penis mere nanoseconds before ejaculation. "You wanna see?" I clicked on the pic and then dragged it to the desktop. C'est tout. Total running time: 0.0000001 seconds.

Kristen's jaw didn't hit the floor before I threw my hands in the ay-aire and waved them like I just didn't cay-aire. But hit it did.
"That's it?"
"Yeah, it's right there on your desktop," I assured her in the midst of a disco victory dance. Not even Sylvester could make me feel more mighty real at that moment.

The lesson: A simple one. Come over to the darkside, Kirsten.


Blogger kristenwarner said...

haha kevin....i ain't convinced yet. what would i do if i couldn't right click on the mouse...i'd be out of sorts.

7:31 PM  

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