Sunday, February 25, 2007

American Idol 2/21-22/07

This is a singing competition, my foot. Sure, you gotta hit the pitches better than William Hung. But prettiness will get you very far. Why else would Seacrest announce that Sanjaya Malakar was in the top four? It's because he has a smile (and an even better pout) that could render puberty an eternal stage. He'll be with us a loooooong time.

And just say it, Randy! "Stay" was too BLACK for Nicole Tranquillo, not too urban. Even at that, though, her "crime" cannot match the desecration Alaina Alexander visited upon "Brass in Pocket." Part of what makes that song so special is that you can hear how unspecial Chrissie Hynde has felt at various points in her past. Another part is that Hynde fostered a legion of rock and roll women who didn't give a shit if they had some of your attention. Alaina Alexander simply embalmed the song with her lust for celebrity/money. She never gave the sense that she needed to sing it. So while she was technically better than, say, Gina Glocksen (who did NOT get the big note), she should have been axed for deeply misunderstanding the song. Now you know the difference between a good singer and someone who merely has a good voice.

Other brief notes: Leslie Hunt needs to access her inner Melissa Etheridge if she wants to make this a career. And LaKisha Jones was a bit pitchy at the end of her ballsy "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going," no?

As for the boys, what can I say - barefeet and the Edgar Winter Group were potentially great gimmicks that just didn't work.


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Not sure if it happened this week, but what was up with that girl crying after/during Sanjaya's performance? She seemed to be the only one crying, the camera lingered on her, and then Seacrest drew everyone's attention to her (after Simon did). I felt like it was an attempt to synthesize a "Beatlemania" moment that went comically awry. But that's why I love this show - odd stuff still happens

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