Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kooky Film Credits - who was Granville Heathway?

I've been a fan of kooky film credits ever since reading the "Worst Credit Line" chapter in the Medved Brothers' bad movie Oscars book The Golden Turkey Awards. They chose the scandalous "with additional dialogue by Sam Taylor" from the 1929 The Taming of the Shrew as the winner. But I've always been intrigued by the nomination of one Granville Heathway, Orgy Sequence Advisor (sometimes Orgy Sequence Technical Advisor) for Solomon and Sheba (1959). And having finally seen the film on DVD, I was all set to offer a screen grab of the credit that screamed, no doubt majestically, ORGY SEQUENCE ADVISOR - GRANVILLE HEATHWAY. But alas, no such credit appears in the film.

Which only deepens the mystery. Who was Granville Heathway? Was he really paid to advise on how the Solomon and Sheba set orgied it up? How much was he paid? Who felt his expertise (in what again?) was necessary?

In the absence of answers and a nifty credit to display, I offer you a shot of Anne Sellors whose sole screen credit is "Woman who urinates herself" in the British TV movie Threads.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's not Ann Sellers, she was the woman holding a male toddler (and my drama teacher :)!)

6:25 AM  

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