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Queer To The Core!: Queer Rock From The Vaults! (Quick Nuts c. 1998)

Queer To The Core!: Queer Rock From The Vaults! (Quick Nuts c. 1998)
1. B. Bubba: "I'd Rather Fight Than Swish"
2. B. Bubba: "I'd Rather Swish Than Fight"
3. Teddy & Darrel: "I'm Hungry"
4. Teddy & Darrel: "Wild Thing"
5. Teddy & Darrel: "Gary Ghoul Boy"
6. Teddy & Darrel: "Little Red Riding Hood"
7. Teddy & Darrel: "The Hollywood Agent"
8. Teddy & Darrel: "These Boots Are Made For Walking"
9. Teddy & Darrel: "Strangers In The Night"
10. Teddy & Darrel: "Say There"
11. Teddy & Darrel: "Hanky Panky"
12. Teddy & Darrel: "Hollywood Swings"
13. Teddy & Darrel: "They Took You Away, I'm Glad, I'm Glad"
14. Teddy & Darrel: "Hold On, I'm Comin'"
15. Bonus Cut - Billy Devroe and The Devilaires: "There Once Was A Man Named Durkin" and "Queer Police [aka You're Arrested]"
16. Byrd E. Bath: "Mixed Nuts"
17. Byrd E. Bath: "London Derrierre"
18. Unknown: "The Ballad Of The Camping Woodcutter"
19. Unknown: "Scotch Mist"
20. Bonus Cut - "Redd Foxx Is A Lesbian"
21. Selections from Pearl Box Revue: Call Me MISSter

Here's Queer To The Core!: Queer Rock From The Vaults! released around 1998 on the (presumably) ad hoc label Quick Nuts. It contains:

Several comedy 45s from Camp Records

The entirety of Teddy & Darrel: These Are the Hits, You Silly Savage!!!! (Mira 1966)

Bonus cuts from Billy Devroe and The Devilaires and Redd Foxx

Side two and the second half of side one of Pearl Box Revue: Call Me MISSter (Snake Eyes, c. 1970). This is a hilarious and poignant two-record round table discussion featuring four drag queens: Jaye Joyce, Clyddie McCoy, Tony La Frisky, and Dorian Corey (of Paris is Burning fame). Soul journeyman George Kerr serves as a ring leader of sorts. It was distributed by Sylvia and Joe Robinson's All Platinum Record Co. and produced by Coasters baritone Billy Guy. I own the album and will up it in its entirety when I finally figure out vinyl-to-mp3.

Get it here (YSI so move quickly)


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