Thursday, May 10, 2007

American Idol 5/9/2007 - Jordin can take this fucker

So stop her and let's have a Blake/Melinda finale.

Who knows what did Lekisha in ultimately? I'd say it was her inability to sublimate the sadness she alluded to in her interview (and that I'm sure millions have long since detected). She just seemed so saaaaad after every song which some viewers no doubt read as a kind of haughty nonchalance. Or maybe she gave us an unappealing glimpse into her subsequent stardom. Either she couldn't feign the resilience we require of our pop stars or was unwilling to wallow in the madness of the pop star life (a la Britney). Maybe Broadway's her true calling - she can play at being someone else.

But at least some of us can feel a something underneath Lekisha. Jordin's merely characterless. Again, perfect for pop product but not pop priesthood. I doubt she'll record anything to makes us believers much less speak in tongues.

Did you notice how confident Blake looked once he found out he'd be back next week? Maybe he was just being modest. After all, it's a delicate balancing act to discover you're not going home; you can't be too happy else you'll look like a jerk to the loser. Still, I think he knows he'll be alright even if he loses the big prize. He's just so damn musical that he can thrive in a variety of contexts. My guess is that if Filter (or was it Live?) was courting Chris Daughtrey, some crusty new wave act is current casting about for a lead vocalist and Blake will find himself fronting, oh I don't know, Gene Loves Jezebel or Modern English.


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