Thursday, July 20, 2006

2006 Half-Year (with one word reviews)

1. Lady Sovereign: "Public Warning" CCR.
2. The Federation: "18 Dummy" Masterpiece.
3. Lily Allen: "LDN" HVN.
4. Giant Drag: "Kevin Is Gay" True.
5. Sonic Youth: "Do You Believe in Rapture?" Yes.
6. The Coup: "ShoYoAss" No.
7. Da Backwudz ft. Caz Clay: "I Don't Like the Look of It (Oompa)" Blueberries.
8. Quiet Village Project: "Free Rider" Beautifuuuuuuuuuuuuul.
9. Simon Bookish: "Terry Riley Disco" White.
10. Skeletons & The Girl-Faced Boys: "Fit Black Man" Shapeshifter.
11. Masanka Sankayi & Kasai Allstars Feat. Mutumilayi: "Wa Muluendu" Litch.
12. Gil Mantera's Party Dream: "McCoojah & Kizmit" SXSW!
13. Herbert: "Something is Not Right" Wrong.
14. New York Dolls: "Dance Like A Monkey" Evolution.
15. 1990s: "You're Supposed to be My Friend" Dolls.
16. Lupe Fiasco: "Kick Push" Psychogeography.
17. Danielle Peck: "I Don't" Ouch.
18. Neil Young: "Let's Impeach The President" Let's.
19. Prince: "The Dance" Persistence.
20. Abby Travis: "Shoot For The Stars" Inspirational.
21. Indian Jewelry: "Partying With Jandek" Never.
Total time: 79:51


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