Sunday, March 12, 2006

Coincidences are corny but still...

Worse than corny, in fact. Probably an utter waste of time. I had a friend who delighted in telling me that EVERY TIME he looked at the clock, a "significant" number would be staring back at him: 12:34 or 11:11. Every time, huh? Never noticed when it was 7:32? And big deal - even if it were true, what IS the significance of 4:56?

But I've had several music coincidences (two very recent) and they've all occurred in the car. And by the end of this, I'm gunna try to justify wasting your time with them.

The first happened back in Milwaukee. I was getting in my car, just about ready to leave a parking lot when I spot a ex-friend walking across the street. Gawd, I wanted to leave Brew City without ever seeing this moral weakling again but there he was, fucking up my line of vision with extreme shadiness.

And just as I waiting for him to pass from my peripherals (forever? please?), my ALL-TIME FAVORITE SINGLE comes on the radio!! This would be T.S. Monk's "Bon Bon Vie" (Mirage 1981 [really 1980 but I include it in 1981 to make that year the greatest for singles ever; and really, most people first enjoyed it in 1981 so...]). Needless to say, I'd never heard it on the radio before or since. Unlike the cretin hoppin before me, this song always gave me a hap hap happy heart. And now it was telling me to move the fuck on and out. Later chump!

The next happened a few weeks ago. I was driving on fumes frantically looking for a gas station. I even turned off the AC to preserve microlitres (a shocking practice for Austin...both turning off AC and preserving gas)! SeƱor Smoke, the lovely latest from Electric Six, was in the CD player. The third song, "Bite Me," comes on and sings "Are you ready to siphon gasoline?" Um, no!!! I managed to find a gas station NANOSECONDS later.

Then just tonight, I was sick of my specially made CAR MADNESS!!! CD (79 minutes of ACTUAL most played songs on iTunes) so I left AM radio on and caught "Everybody's Talkin'" in the middle. Ah yes, B.J. Thomas. "Everybody's talkin' at me..." Wasn't this from a film? Midnight Cowboy? Wait a minute! That's not B.J. Thomas; it's Nilsson! And just as I realized my mistake, the next song starts and it's...wait for it..."Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head' which IS B.J. Thomas! Not sooo odd since both were from late 1960s films. But sooo odd that it was a B.J. Thomas song, no?

In any case, this never happens in my living room. And that's most likely because I almost never musick at home; I just listen to music. Now I know Christopher Small didn't coin the term to mean "jamming to tunes in your car." But there at least, music encounters other contexts which can theoretically lead to some real musicking. Something's gotta.


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