Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Grossly overdue SXSW updates

Been wonderin' what happened at SXSW this year lately? I hope so cuz here's my coverage for the Village Voice.

First, the blog which starts with SXSW 2006: The Pre-Game Picture. I ADORE the fake swag pic. If you can identify everything, you win! You just do.

Next is SXSW 2006: Day 1, or 'Are You Going to SXSW?'.

Then, SXSW 2006: Day 1, Wrap-up Part 2.

Puis, SXSW 2006: Day 1, Final.

Et ensuite, SXSW 2006: Day 2—Shit or Shinola?.

Et alors, SXSW 2006: Day 3, The Music Genome Project.

Prochain, SXSW 2006: Day 3, 'This Is Art, Right?'.

Huitieme, SXSW 2006: Day 3 Wrap-Up, Sensory Underload.

Et apres, SXSW 2006: Day 4, or I Got to Hug Leah Archibald and Ariel Pink!.

Et enfin, SXSW 2006: Final, 'We Do Need to Eat.'

And then here's the essay trying to sum it all up: A Level Field - 1,500 up-and-coming acts take the music-biz mat in Austin


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