Thursday, March 31, 2016

SCMS 2016 Day One

Argh! I accidentally pasted over my notes so I can only give a truncated account of the one panel I attended last night: Pop after MTV: Music, the Moving Image, and the Practice and Politics of Visual Listening.

Jack Hamilton's "'Baby I'm a Star': Prince, Purple Rain, and the Audiovisual Making of a Rock and Roll Icon" concerned how liveness, locality, and authenticity factored into the underlining of Prince as a rock (as opposed to R&B) artist. Ironically (or not), the fact that he played almost every instrument on his recordings rendered his music inauthentic for some listeners. So he started crediting The Revolution and in the film, he deigns to sing Wendy & Lisa's song "Purple Rain" when in reality he wrote the song himself. The film is also steeped in Minnesotiana the way Sprignsteen is steeped in Jersey - as a marker of an authentic artistic self. And finally, Prince proves himself in the crucible of live performance, yet another marker of an authentic relationship with music and a band. Note to Jack: Pete Townshend and The Who had separate entries on the Rolling Stone readers poll because Townshend was recording solo albums alongside Who releases at the time.

Erich Nunn's "The Musical and Cultural Logic of Monday Night Football" traced the fall of Hank Williams, Jr,. as the face/voice of Monday Night Football. In 1989, his theme song promo spot forged a vision of the sport as consumed almost entirely by white people. But by 2003, the NFL sought to redress this problem by awkwardly inserting artists such as Ashanti, Toni Braxton and Snoop Dogg (and a typically out-of-it Britney Spears) into the mix. After his 2011 equation of Obama with Hitler on Fox News, Williams was dropped from Monday Night Football in the NFL's attempt to create a new cultural logic around the game, a project furthered by their threat to ignore Atlanta's bid for the Super Bowl if the "religious liberty" bill passed.

Shirley Wong's "Girl Gangs and BFFs: Taylor Swift's 1989, Pop Music, and the Performance of Female Friendship" was a fascinating piece about the methods Swift uses to create notions of female friendship. In her live performances, Swift had celebrities walk a long runway with her and do an impromptu awkward dance. Actors, sports figures, models, and other musicians (e.g., Joan Baez) are thus recast as amateurs dancing along to the music "naturally." This commodifed sense of friendship travels over to her video for "Shake It Off" where Swift mocks her inability to match the standards of professional dancers, culminating in a freeform dance party with a gang of Swift superfans.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Jar (Bruce Toscano, 1984)

In Nightmare USA: The Untold Story of the Exploitation Independents, Stephen Thrower has a pretty silly reading of the fascinating art-nonsense film The Jar as an allegory of repressed homosexuality. At least it seemed pretty silly until I saw the thing - lots of cruising shots, an ineffectual relationship with a woman, scenes of homosociality, etc. And this is not to mention the jar itself onto which the viewer can pin any reading.

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Lux and Ivy's Favorites Favorites

Lux and Ivy's Favorites is a 17-volume, fan-compiled series of songs The Cramps mentioned in interviews, especially in the first Incredibly Strange Music book. Volume 17 will be the last for reasons laid out here. It was also unleashed without a track listing but I have all the titles now with the help of the interwebs, SoundHound, and one crazed Cramps fan (thank you!). You can download them all at Kogar's Jungle Juice blog linked above or at WFMU's Beware of the Blog.

Below are my favorites from Lux and Ivy's Favorites. Unsurprisingly, my selections tend more toward the novel than the feral. And I don't believe this is a distortion of The Cramps' ethos. The studio as instrument and the record as an unreproducible musical event unto itself are just as essential components of American recordings of the 1950s/early 1960s as rockabilly boners and crazed hillbillies. And there's plenty of the latter anyway.

I eliminated songs I already knew (e.g., The Crystals: "He's a Rebel") but there weren't too many of those. A "maybe" means a good-not-great track that can be forsaken if you were aiming to distill all this down to one disc (!). If I mention the lyrics, then I liked the lyrics but the music not so much. Enjoy!
 Vol. 1
Ronnie Dawson: "Action Packed"
Billy Ward and His Dominoes: "The Bells"
Bob McFadden: "The Mummy" - I first heard this on the second Incredibly Strange Music compilation but I couldn't leave it off here.
The Collins Kids: "Whistle Bait"
The Chips: "Rubber Biscuits"

Vol. 2
Blues Rockers: "Calling All Cows"
June Wilkinson and Mamie Van Doren: "Bikini with No Top on the Top"
Storey Sisters: "Bad Motorcycle"
Earl Hagen and The New Interns: "New Interns Watusi"

Vol. 3
Anton LaVey: "Satan Takes a Holiday" (maybe)
Pretty Things: "Come See Me"
The Leather Boy: "On The Go"
Roy Brown: “Butcher Pete Part 1 and Part 2” - I knew Part 1 from Rhino's unfailing Risqué Rhythm: Nasty 50's R&B but this was the first time I heard Part 2.
The Imps: "Uh Oh” (maybe)
The Ventures: "The Rat" (maybe)
Mohammed Rafi aka Ted Lyons And His Cubs: “Jaan Pehechaan Ho”
Porter Waggoner: "Rubber Room" (maybe)
Robert Mitchum: "Ballad of Thunder Road" (maybe)
Johnny Burnette Trio: “Honey Hush” (maybe...only the lyrics really)
Mickey & Sylvia: "No Good Lover" (maybe)

Vol. 4
Atlantics: "War of the Worlds"
The Electric Prunes: "Dr. Do Good"
The Five Jones Boys: "My Ghost Goes To Town"
Jackie & The Starlighters: ”Valerie" (maybe)
Musical Linn Twins: "Rockin Out the Blues"
Hugh Barrett and The Victors: "Fungus Among Us"
Portuguese Joe: "Teen Age Riot" (!)
Vernon Green and The Phantoms: "Sweet Breeze"

Vol. 5
Swamp Rats: "Louie Louie"
Homer Denison Jr.: "Chickie Run"
Bill Carter and the Rovin' Gamblers: "Baby Brother" - Incredible lyrics!!!
The Quotations: "Imagination"
Julie London: "Yummy Yummy Yummy"
The Lifeguards: "Everybody Out'ta The Pool" (maybe)
Betty McQuaid: "Tongue Tied"
Link Wray: "Genocide"
Vito & The Salutations:  "Unchained Melody"

Vol. 6
Pasquale & The Lunar-Tiks: "Moon Madness" (maybe)
Charlie Gracie: "Guitar Boogie" (maybe)
Moses Longpiece: "Slide Her Under The Door" - This is actually Johnny Lance: "The Big Tragedy."
The Cables: "Choo Choo" (maybe)
The Charades: "Flamingo"
Thee Midniters: "Jump, Jive and Harmonize"
Mad Magazine: "(She Got A) Nose Job"
Mad Magazine: "When My Pimples Turned To Dimples"

Vol. 7
Young Jessie (with The Flairs): "Lonesome Desert"
Joe Clay: "Did You Mean Jellybean?" (maybe)
T. Rex: "Rip Off" (maybe)
John and Jackie: "Little Girl"
Kay Martin: "Swamp Girl"

Vol. 8
Chaino: “The Pigmy Song (Tikky Tikky Boom Boom)” (maybe)
Stacy Bengal & His Six Outfielders: “I Come To Demolish Cleveland”
The Pleasant Valley Boys with Herschell Gordon Lewis: “Rebel Yell (The South’s Gonna Rise Again)” [Theme from Two Thousand Maniacs]

Vol. 9
Lonnie Johnson: "Tomorrow Night"
The Tempests: "Rockin' Rochester U.S.A." (maybe)

Vol. 10
Bob Lee: "Wanted For Questioning"
The Jet Streams: "Who Me?"
Sidney Jo Lewis: "Boppin' To Grandfather's Clock" (maybe)
Ganim's Asia Minors: "Daddy Lolo"
Johnny Parker: "TV Commercial"
Lee Ross: "The Mummy's Bracelet"
The Peels: "Juanita Banana"

Vol. 11
Jan Davis: "Watusi Zombie" (maybe)
Revels: "Dead Man's Stroll" (maybe)
Dickie Goodman: “The Touchables in Brooklyn”

Vol. 12 -
The Ravens: “A Simple Prayer”
Terry Corin and Her Boyfriends: “Sick! Sick! Sick!”
Dee Jays: “Blackeyed Woman” (maybe)
Andy Griffith: “Silhouettes”
Manny Corchado - Pow Wow aka The Mosquitos: “The Fly” (maybe)
Dick Hyman & Mary Mayo: “For All We Know” (maybe)

Vol. 13 -
Richard Delvy: “Green Slime Theme”
Royal Teens: “Leotards” (maybe)
Wanda Jackson: “Riot in Cell Block #9” (maybe)
Tony Burrello: “There's a New Sound”
Deek Watson & the Brown Dots: “At Our Fireplace”

Vol. 14 -
Dazzlers: “Knockout” (maybe)
Ronnie Allen: “Juvenile Delinquent” - good lyrics
The Four Plaid Throats: “The Message”
The Invasion: “The Invasion is Coming”
The Lancers: “Take Me To Your Leader”
Misty Bonner: “I Can't Sit Still”

Vol. 15 -
The Rio Rockers: “Mexicali Baby” (maybe)
Kip Tyler: “She's My Witch” (maybe)
Red Hewitt and the Buccaneerse: “D.J. Blues” - good lyrics
The Cats & the Fiddle: “Killin' Jive” - good lyrics
Florence Pepper: “China Rock”
Mickey Farrell and the Dynamics: “Wong Foo”
Ruth Wallis: “Ubangi”
Gene Maltaise: “Deep River Blues”
The Sparkles: “Do the Hip”
Clyde Stacy and The Nitecaps: “So Young” (maybe)
Harley Hatcher: “Born Mean” - hilarious lyrics

Vol. 16
101 Strings: “Flameout”
Leo Diamond's Orchestra: “Strange Enchantment”

Vol. 17
Lightin’ Slim: “Just Made Twenty-One”
Link Wary: “Commanche”
The Duals: “Travelin' Guitars”
Jayne Mansfield: “That Makes It!”
Ralph Nielsen & The Chancellors: “Scream”
Harmonica Frank Floyd: “Rock a Little Baby”
Harmonica Frank Floyd: “Swamp Root”

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Friday, March 25, 2016

The Psychotronic Video Guide

It took months but I have read every entry in Michael J. Weldon's The Psychotronic Video Guide - 636 pages of exploitation films, erotic thrillers, Grade-Z horror, de facto art cinema, Mad Max knockoffs, teen sex comedies, etc. I noted any film that sounded remotely compelling and listed all 501 (!) here. Director and/or year are noted for common titles. Alternate titles are in parentheses. Musicals, rock musicals, and quasi-musicals noted cuz I need to know. I will see *all* of these films (although it's entirely possible I've already seen a few and just don't remember).

Action Heroes of the Cliffhanger Serials (including a trailer for Scouts to the Rescue "with Indians talking backwards!")
The Adventures of Lucky Pierre
Alexander: The Other Side of Dawn
Alice Cooper: Prime Cuts
Alien Factor
Alien Outlaw
Alien Space Avenger
Alien Terror
All American Murder
Alligator Eyes
Almost Human
Alone in the Dark
The Amazing Dr. G
The Amazing Transplant
Amazon Women on the Moon
American Hot Wax
The Art of Dying
Autopsia de un Fantasma
Avenging Godfather
Beach Red
The Beatniks
Beloved Invaders: The Ventures
Be My Guest
Beyond Dream’s Door
Beyond The Doors
Big Meat Eater
Black Cat (Luigi Cozzi, 1990)
Black Heart
The Black Room
Blonde on a Bum Trip
Blood and Concrete: A Love Story
Blood Suckers
The Bloody Brood
Body Snatchers
The Boneyard
Border Radio
Born of Fire
The Borrower
The Boston Strangler
Bound and Gagged: A Love Story
A Boy, A Girl
Breakfast at Manchester Morgue (Let Sleeping Corpses Lie)
The Broken Land
The Burglar
The Cabinet of Dr. Ramirez
The Cage (The Mafu Cage) (Karen Arthur, 1977)
Calypso Joe
Candy Snatchers
Cast a Deadly Spell
Cat in the Brain
The Census Taker
Cherry 2000
Cheyenne Warrior
Children of the Night
The Choppers
City of Shadows
Class Reunion
Cold Justice
Cold Sweat
College Girl Confidential
College Scandal
Color of Night
Common-Law Wife
Complex World
Concrete Angels
Confessions of a Blue Movie Star
Confessions of a Sorority Girl
Confessions of a Vice Baron
Conrad Brooks Meets the Werewolf
The Cool and the Crazy
Cootie Garages
Cosmic Slop
Cotton Candy
Cover Me, Babe
Cracking Up (Rowby Goren, Chuck Staley, 1977)
The Crawling Hand
Crazy Safari
Creepshow 2
Crime and Punishment, USA
Crime of Crimes
The Crime of Dr. Crespi
Crystal Heart
Cult of the Dead (Isle of the Snake People)
Cult People
Curb Service
The Curious Dr. Humpp
The Curious Female
Curse of the Pink Panther
Curse of the Queerwolf
The Cut-Throats
Dance of the Damned
Dangerous Obsession
The Dark Backward
Darktown Strutters
Daughter of the Dragon
Day of the Locust
Deadbeat at Dawn
Dead Girls
Deadly Vengeance
Dead Mate
The Dead Pool
Death Collector
Death Drug
Death Game
Death Wish Club
The Degenerates
Demon Hunter
De Sade
Desire and Hell at Sunset Motel
Devil Girl From Mars
The Devil Master
The Devil Monster
The Devil’s Pet
The Devil’s Sleep
Directing Movies from Action to Rap
The Divine Enforcer
Django Kill
The Doctor and the Devils
Dr. Hackenstein
Dr. Sex
Document of the Dead
Don’t Mess With My Sister!
Don’t Worry, We’ll Think of a Title
Doom Asylum
Dragstrip Girl
Eat the Rich
The Electric Chair
Emanuelle in America
Encounter at Raven’s Gate
End of the World
Enemy Territory
Erotic Adventures of Superknight
Escape From Blood Plantation
Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend
Evil Come, Evil Go
Evil Boy Slade
Evils of the Night
Evil Spawn
Evil Town
Eyes of Fire
Face of the Screaming Werewolf
Faces of Horror
The Fantastic Four
Feelin’ Good
The Female Bunch
52 Pick-Up
The First Time
Five Bold Women
Five Corners
The Flaming Teen Age
Flesh + Blood (Verhoeven)
Flesh and Blood (Mentges)
Flying Saucer
Force of Impulse
The 4th Man
Frankenstein Unbound
Free, White, and 21
Future Shock
Getting Over
Ghosts Can’t Do It
Ghost Ship (Sewell)
G.I. Executioner
The Girl in Black Stockings
The Girl in Lovers’ Lane
Girl on a Chain Gang
Girls in Prison
Glitter Goddess of Sunset Strip
Goodbye, Norman Jean
Goodnight, Sweet Marilyn
Guncrazy (1992)
Hack ‘Em High
Halfway to Hell
The Hang-Up
The Harvest
The Haunted (1976)
Heart of Midnight
Homesick for St. Paul (Heimweh Nach St. Pauli)
He Lives
Help Wanted Female
Hero and the Terror
The Hidden
Highway Hell
Highway 61
Highway to Hell (De Jong)
High Yellow
The H-Man
Hollywood Babylon
Hollywood Chronicles
Hollywood Confidential
Hollywood Uncensored
Home for the Holidays
Honeymoon Murders/ Honeymoon Murders II
Honky Tonk Nights
Horror House on Highway 5
The Horseplayer
Hotel Room
A House in the Hills
House of the Long Shadows
Howl of the Devil
Hudson Hawk
Human Beasts
I Am a Groupie
Idaho Transfer
The Idolmaker
I Escaped From Devil’s Island
Ill Met By Moonlight
I’ll Never Forget What’s ‘Is Name
Impulse (Grefe)
In a Moment of Passion
The Incredible Sex Revolution
Innocent Blood
In The Spirit
Invasion From Inner Earth
Invasion of the Space Preachers
Invasion USA (1952)
In Your Face (Abar, The Black Superman)
Is There Sex After Death?
It Takes a Thief (The Challenge)
I Was a Teenage Mummy
I Was a Teenage Serial Killer
Jack Be Nimble
Jan and Dean: Dead Man’s Curve
The Jar
J-Men Forever!
Jugular Wine
The Keep
Keep Off My Grass!
Keiko Mask
Keyholes Are For Peeping
Key Witness
Kickboxer From Hell
Kill (Romain Gary)
Killing Heat
Kings and Desperate Men
Knights of the City
The Left Side of My Brain
Les Patterson Saves The World
Let It Rock
Life Returns
Light of Day
The Lonely Hearts Bandits    
The Lost City
Lost, Lonely, and Vicious
The Love Camp
Love Commune
Love Dolls Superstar
Lucky Stiff
Lunatics: A Love Story
Mac and Me
Mad at the World
The Magic Garden of Stanley Sweetheart
Maiden Quest
Man and Wife
The Mask (is this a musical?)
Master of the Flying Guillotine
A Matter of Degrees (is this a musical?)
Meet Mr. Lucifer
Meet The Hollowheads
Millennium (Michael Anderson, 1989)
Mind Trap
Miracle Mile
Mom (Patrick Rand, 1989)
Monaco Forever
Mona’s Place
The Monk
Monster Dog
Monsters Crash Pajama Party
Mother (Don Joslyn, 1970)
The Moving Finger
The Mummy and the Curse of the Jackal
Murder Story
The Naked Flame
Naked World
Naked Zoo
Narcotics Story
Natural Born Crazies
Night Angel
Nightmare in Red China
Night of Bloody Horror
Night Owl
Nudist Colony of the Dead
Obsession: A Taste for Fear
Of Unknown Origin
Once (Morton Helig, 1973)
One False Move
1 + 1 (Exploring The Kinsey Report)
One Too Many
On Her Bed of Roses
The Orbitrons
Outlaw Blues (musical?)
Outlaw Women
Out of the Dark (Michael Schroeder, 1988)
Ozone Attack of the Redneck Mutants
Pandemonium (Alfred Sole, 1981)
Paranoia (Orgasmo) (Umberto Lenzi, 1968)
The Party’s Over
The Passing of Evil
The Penalty
Penitentiary III
Perfect Victims
Perverse Preachers, Fascist Fundamentalists, and Kristian Kiddie Kooks
Petey Wheatstraw
Petrified Beast from the Frozen Zone
Phantom of the Ritz
The Pickle
The Pied Piper of Hamelin (musical)
Pink Motel
Pit Stop
Plan Ten From Outer Space (musical)
Please Don’t Touch Me!
The Plumber
Poor White Trash
Poor White Trash, Part 2
Portrait in Terror
The Possessed (Charles Nizet, 1974)
Primal Impulse
Prime Cut
Problem Girls
Prototype X29A
Puss Bucket
Red Desert Penitentiary
Red Light in the White House
Red, White, and Blue (Fred and Beverly Sebastian, 1970)
Reform School Girl
The Refrigerator
The Rejuvenator
Return of the Alien’s Deadly Spawn
A Return to Salem’s Lot
Revenge of Dr. X
Ritual of Death
Road to Salina
Rock and Roll Mobster Girls
Rocktober Blood
Room 43
Rubin and Ed
Runaway Daughters
Runaway Girl
Run If You Can!
Running Out of Luck
Samurai (Raymond Cannon, 1944)
Sandra, The Making of a Woman
Scream Baby Scream
Seasons in the Sun (rock musical)
Secret File Hollywood
Sex and Buttered Popcorn
Sex and the College Girl
Sex is Crazy
Sex Kittens Go To College
Sex Through a Window
Shack Out on 101
Shadows in the City
She’s Back
Ship of the Monsters
Shock ‘Em Dead
Shock! Shock! Shock!
Shoot It Black, Shoot It Blue
Short Eyes
Short Fuse
Shredder Orpheus
Shrunken Heads
Sinderella and the Golden Bra
Sir Drone
Six Five Special (musical)
Skatetown, U.S.A. (musical)
Slaves (Herbert J. Biberman, 1969)
Slaves in Bondage
The Sleeping Car
Sleepover Massacre
Slumber Party Massacre II
Smoke and Flesh
The Smut Peddler
Snow Bunnies
Some Like It Violent
Son of Dracula (musical)
Sons of Steel
Soul Vengeance (Welcome Home Brother Charles)
Space Thing
Special Effects
Splatter Farm
Spooks A-Poppin
Stagefright (Michele Soavi, 1987)
Stark Fear
Stick It In Your Ear
Strange Invaders
The Stranger (Christopher Frieri, 1994)
Strawberries Need Rain
Street Trash
Street Wars
Strike Me Deadly
The Stud (disco musical)
Student Confidential
Succubus (Jesus Franco, 1967)
The Suckling
Sugar Cookies
Summer Dreams
The Surrogate
Swamp Country
Swamp of the Lost Monsters
The Swap (Line of Fire)
Sweet Killing
The Swinging Cheerleaders
Switchblade Sisters
Tammy and the T Rex
A Taste of Blood
Teen Age (Teenage Jungle)
Teenage Cruisers
Teenage Gang Debs
Teenage Mother
Teenager (Gerald Seth Sindell, 1974)
Teenage Rebellion
Teenage U.F.O. Rock ‘n’ Roll Monster Show
Teenage Schlock Classics
Teenage Strangler
Teenage Wolfpack
Ten Days’ Wonder
Terror on Tour (rock)
That’s The Spirit
That’s The Way of the World (rock)
A Thousand Pleasures
Thunder Alley (rock)
Thunder Island
The Todd Killings
Too Hot To Handle (Terence Young, 1959)
Too Soon To Love
Torture Ship (Victor Halperin, 1939)
The Torture Zone (The Fear Chamber)
Train Ride to Hollywood
Trance (The Fan)
Transylvania Twist
Truth or Dare? (Tim Ritter, 1986)
Twisted Issues
Under Age (Larry Buchanan, 1963)
Violent Playground Transylvania Twist
Webb Wilder’s Corn Flicks
The Werewolf of Woodstock
Where Are Your Children?
Wild Palms
The Witch Who Came From The Sea
The Woman Inside
Youth Runs Wild



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