Friday, June 30, 2006

3.5 things I never realized about CALL THE DOCTOR

According to Sleater-Kinney's website, the band are now on indefinite hiatus. So I took that as an opportunity to speed-listen to CALL THE DOCTOR which everyone knows is the third greatest album of the 1990s. And I came to these realizations:

1. It's only 29:59 minutes long.

2. The lyrics to "Hubcap" are complete in the CD booklet. I never saw that "You're my co-pilot" part until just now. I always thought they were singing "You're my buttercup." The weird thing is that I asked Corin Tucker about this when I interviewed her, sheesh, a decade ago. She laughed at "buttercup." But then she said she had heard that the lyrics in the CD booklet were different from those on the vinyl (which I've never owned - got THE HOT ROCK on wax, though)). So I simply assumed that was the case all along. That part of the lyrics is printed slightly to the left of the rest of the lyrics. But gawd, not even a pubic hair away. I can't believe I couldn't see it.

3. Carrie Brownstein is listed as Carrie Kinney.

3.5. Kinney refers to Sleater-Kinney (hey - at least that took only a half hour to figure it out instead of an entire decade).

I'm not sad. They will be back.