Tuesday, July 31, 2012

One man lost, another found

Canyon Cinema announced yesterday that they're losing Executive Director Dominic Angerame to retirement. Where this leaves the already beleaguered avant-garde/experimental film rental facility is anyone's guess. But Angerame stuck with Canyon throughout the advent of digital media and dwindling-to-nonexistent film rental budgets. And he's been a hero of mine for decades. The Canyon Cinema catalog (no. 5, published in 1982 along with the thin Supplement) was my early education in  avant-garde cinema. I had the opportunity to thank him personally at SCMS Los Angeles. But I want to honor his career and dedication upon his retirement. You're an inspiration, Dominic. Thank you!

And in the Found category, a photograph from the lost gay porn version of the life of Jesus Christ, Him (Ed D. Louie, 1974), has turned up at the To Obscurity and Beyond blog (scroll down to the bottom). I've never quite believed the existence of this film after first encountering it in The Golden Turkey Awards. But reviews (come out, come out, wherever you are, David Tipmore!) and now a production still bring us ever closer to the unholy grail - an actual print. It's gotta be out there. Check your attics (or your own selfishly guarded archive).

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