Thursday, February 02, 2006

My IT'S PAT - THE MOVIE party was a triumph!

Could I have picked a more perfect movie for a secret movie party? Eerily perfect. Our movie parties have devolved from CODE UNKNOWN to LADY TERMINATOR to not even watching a movie ("devolved" is thus not a value judgment on the films themselves, such as they are). IT'S PAT - THE MOVIE is a crowd pleaser that actually elicits art film-like concentration - utter silence greeted much of it. In a room full of 15-20 increasingly drunken grad students (with yours truly leading the pack in both drunkenness and grad studentness), that's no small feat. I was moved. Thanx y'all for attending. But gawd, what film could live up to it now? SEXTETTE? But only the first half. THE APPLE? Again? LA CICATRICE INTERIEURE with the volume on full blast? Maybe. SUSAN AND GOD? Only the first half hour there, if that. Ah! I got it...

And afterwards - whoa boy! This was clearly another party-as-therapy event in the sweat-salt-on-the-shirt style of David Uskovitch (who did NOT attend - hmph!). Everyone seemed hammered even though I bet less than half of us actually were. Somehow I got the feeling we were all reduced to the same quasi-human level - scary to those on the outside (Stuart!) but perfectly communicable to one another inside. Cronenberg's RABID as if it were never a horror film. DAWN OF THE DEAD without the humans. Denizens of Dante's Inferno awaiting their punishment (which came in the form of a two-day hangover for me, another week of school for others, I imagine).

Anyhoo, it's a shame the great Kyle Barnett could not attend. He and the Mrs. were doing the Ira/Georgia shuffle (oooh just realized how Gershwin-esque those names are!). I cannot hear the man's name without thinking of the character Kyle from IT'S PAT so perhaps it was best he wasn't here. EVERYONE would have said his name in a Pat-like snicker all evening.

Other points:

1. My fave line will always be: "Well, I can't do it right now; I have to come back when it's convenient for me" only when I say it, I drag out the last "me" in my highest Pat pitch. But I think my new second fave line is the bit about the requirement of a full-frontal nude pic to be on TV (how did Abe Vigoda get his own show then?).

2. Notorious Britney Spears hater Andrew Scahill thought the film homophobic. Dare I contemplate?

3. I always slip and call Pat "her." But I call Chris "her" as well. Dare I contemplate?

4. Is this NOT the best Preston Sturges film since THE PALM motherfuckin' BEACH STORY?

5. No one cared that Pat's sex was never revealed! At least not that I heard. I love it!


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