Sunday, August 07, 2016

Sylvester: "Stars" - the real lyrics

When you Google the lyrics to Sylvester: "Stars," you get the lyrics to The Hollies' "Star." Way to erase queer black voices, internet (unless there's some obscure Sylvester cover of The Hollies song I've never heard). The only page with the complete lyrics is this odd entry from one Neil Disconaut tracing the song's sentiment in Aleister Crowley and Primal Scream (the band). And now this one:

There's a party feeling that outshines them all
If you're here, you've earned it
And can't you hear that call

Everybody is a star
Everybody is one
You're a star
And you only happen once

You are a star
Everybody is one
You are a star
And you only happen once

You are here in this time and space
Cosmic energy - well, it's in your smiling face

Take a look around, tell me what you see
Sisters and brothers feeling hot, feeling free
Can you lighten up the sky, stars glimmering
Dancing in the night, stars shimmering

You are a star
Yes, you are

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