Thursday, January 28, 2016

Records and not records in Trog and Keep it on the Floor

Joan Crawford's last film and the epitome of her Grand Guignol, woman-past-a-certain-age era, Trog (Freddie Francis, 1970) is no less watchable than many of the MGM horrors that placed her in the box office top ten in the 1930s - The Gorgeous Hussy or, hell, even the bafflingly overrated Grand Hotel. The scene I remember most is when classical music calms Trog but rock 'n' roll sends him into a rage. And the record spun is a not-all-that-noisy freakbeat instrumental. I wonder what would have happened had Crawford requested The Stooges' recently released Fun House.
I'll be presenting a paper on Leave It on the Floor (Sheldon Larry, 2011), a sort of dramatization of Paris is Burning with happier endings, later in the year. So I'll just note the presence of spontaneous outbursts of song (including a Sweet allusion in the opening ball sequence) and Lady Red Couture from Hey Qween!, my guiltiest pleasure of 2015.

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